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Material science collides with innovation to create high-tech functional comfort in a lightweight design. The flexibility of the magnesium frame allows for an intimate fit while the revolutionary nano MAG material provides strength to off-load and provide pain relief. OA Nano, for mild to moderate knee osteoarthritis (OA), is designed for people to stay active and move freely, making patient compliance a reality.


    • Unlimited Comfort - Malleable magnesium frame allows cuff adjustment
    • Light as Air - Material science collides with innovation to create the world's lightest OA knee brace
    • Stays in Place - Contoured design enhances brace suspension for various levels of activity
    • Dependable Off-Loading - New world material "nano MAGTM" (on the loading side) provides strength when offloading
    • Clincally Proven - DonJoy's AdjusterTM technology off-loads (mechanically shifts weight away from the damaged pare of the knee) a little - or a lot.
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